• Leave your stuff in your chests! Items in a chest won't get lost when you fall off the island or fall into lava.
    • Do keep your chests in location safe from creepers
  • You can visit other players islands with /is warp <playername>.
    • For example /is warp zoredache. Zoredache has several example cobble generators and other farms featured on his island
  • Use the /challenges to get more advanced blocks
  • There is a /shop island where you can buy spawn eggs for clownfish
    • AFK fish farming will get you banned


Commands (Source)

Command                                        | Description
/challenge                                     | bring up challenges menu

/island|is                                     | general island command
/is accept|reject                              | accept/reject an invitation.
/is ban|unban <player>                         | ban/unban a player from your island.
/is biome|b <biome>                            | change the biome of the island
/is create|c [schematic]                       | create an island
/is home|h                                     | teleport to the island home
/is info [island]                              | check your or anothers island info
/is invite <oplayer>                           | invite a player to your island
/is kick|remove <player>                       | remove a member from your island.
/is leave                                      | leave your party
/is level [island]                             | check your or anothers island level
/is limits <player>                            | show the islands limits
/is lock|unlock                                | lock your island to non-party members.
/is log|l                                      | display log
/is makeleader|transfer <member>               | transfer leadership to another member
/is party                                      | show party information
/is party info                                 | shows information about your party
/is party invites                              | show pending invites
/is party uninvite <player>                    | withdraw an invite
/is restart|reset [schematic]                  | delete your island and start a new one.
/is sethome|tpset                              | set the island-home
/is setwarp|warpset                            | set your islands warp location
/is spawn                                      | teleports you to the skyblock spawn
/is togglewarp|tw                              | enable/disable warping to your island.
/is top [page]                                 | display the top10 of islands
/is trust|untrust [player]                     | trust/untrust a player to help on your island.
/is warp|w <island>                            | warp to another players island

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