Right now IRC is mostly read only, since it was being used to SPAM. If you wish to chat via IRC, you must register with nickserv, and request voice access from zoredache.

You view chat on our servers via IRC using our web-client, or by downloading installing and configuring any IRC client.

Configuration for local client.

Server: irc.diversitymc.net


  • #all (read-only feed from all servers, not linked to any servers)
  • #general (a general chat channel)
  • #smp (linked to SMP server)
  • #servername (most servers can be accessed via a channel named the same as the bungeecord name)

IRC Client setup

Anope services.

The server is configured with anope services. If you wish to speak in #smp and other per-server channels, you must register with NickServ, and request voice permissions from zoredache in #general. You will need to configure your client to identify each time you connect.