There are many methods available for you to contact staff


The /helpop command will broadcast a message to online, active staff. This method is good if you need immediate help, and staff is online and active. Helpop messages do not get saved for later.

Sending a request

helpop send

What staff will see

helpop receive


You can use the /ticket command to submit a question to staff. All staff will see these tickets. Please include details about what you need help with.

create ticket

Web contact form

Using the contact form will send a message to our staff communication tool Slack. Please include you email address, and Minecraft name if you want us to reply.

Forum thread

We run a forum. Please feel free to post question and topics in a appropriate forum section. Ask questions related to a specific server in a section for that server, or general questions in the help section. All ban appeals must be in the appeal section and follow the posted format.

Forum private message

You can private messages to staff through our forum, but this may be slow. Usually you should only use this if you need to discuss some issue like harassment, buycraft payment problems or so on.

Discord channels